One of the things I have missed most about publishing TPC is not sharing all of my adventures with you. Now, this has not been a problem for the better part of the last six months due to the weather, but Spring is here. The weather is starting to turn. I have been known to say that New Yorkers only pretend to have tough winters. I must retract such statements. It was a long run with clouds hiding the sun, with bitter wind, with below freezing temperatures. A long run. And now, the weather is turning and the adventuring is gaining momentum. I have three adventures to report:

-Hershey, PA
The Sweetest Place on Earth. The largest chocolate factory in the world. Where the lamp posts give kisses and the street names stir up a fancy for chocolate. Hershey, Pennsylvania. A Buffalo family who volunteered to adopt me invited me to go with them to visit family in Pennsylvania. It was rather close to Hershey and we went to gather chocolate, learn about the philanthropy of Mr. Hershey, and offer our greetings to our favorite personified confection. Hello, Mr. Chocolate Bar!


Lamp Post

-Corning, NY
Heard of Corning Ware? Did you know it was made in Corning, New York? I only had one official day off for Spring Break, so I took a little day trip to the Finger Lakes Region of New York State. I met my first Finger Lake, Seneca Lake. It offered a beautiful view as I drove south. When I reached the southern tip, I looked around at Glen Falls, New York, where I found the local yarn store. A beautiful skein of local fingerling yarn awaited me. I drove a little further to make it to Corning, where the Corning Musuem is located. This wins the prize for my favorite museum (followed closely by the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Kentucky). This museum is a perfect blend of history, current significance, eccentric utility, modern art, and display of glass. It was inspiring. This was truly one of my favorite things to do in New York and it was well worth the drive.

-Pittsburgh, PA
The Phipps Conservatory is an actual place, yes. It was really cool. There are a variety of flowers in bloom throughout the main plaza. There were a variety of side galleries that boasted more classical blooms, bonsai, cactuses, and ponds. A lovely cafe and shoppe await the end of the time in the conservatory. Currently, there is a special exhibit of Thailand, a tropical forest. If you have time, you can journey around Pittsburgh and see this very strange place.

Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens