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It was an interesting time of year to go to the Adirondacks. We arrived after snow mobile season, but it wasn’t quite warm enough to canoe or kayak. The lakes were partially frozen and doing a good job of thawing.


We had a lovely place to stay, which was on Fourth Lake. We spent most of our time in Old Forge, New York. We did some shopping in the local hardware stores (which house far more than hardware) and found a quaint diner, Walt’s Diner. I have two words. Cherry Crunch. We went on Friday, tried to go again on Saturday, but it was closed, and rounded out our weekend by stopping on Sunday. It was that good. Walt was not an Earl. He is younger and louder. He takes good care of his family and community. We also went moose hunting. Moose hunting season is one of the shortest, but we got a wild one.


I look forward to going back to the Adirondacks, to discover more of this peaceful mountain range.