“Are you kidding!?!  A bird would kill to eat a muffin.”   ~Chris

“I guarantee it.  I guarantee it.  I’m not sure.”    ~Chris, on the same topic

“I’m having a bad week today.”    ~Deborah

“I row.  I run.  I workout.”    ~Chris

“If my head wasn’t attached, it’d be rolling down the street, and I’d be going the other way looking for it.”    ~Rachel

“What.  What.”    ~Deborah

“It’s like tripping a cripple.”    ~Dr. H

“Sorry doesn’t grow on trees–does it?”    ~Chris

“Yeah.  I’ve heard him say that.”    ~Melissa

“Consider me stumb.”    ~Chris

“You’re doing a good job with Chris.”    ~Dr. H

“It’s a good thing our flashers are on.”    ~Deborah

“Everyone knows it’s easy to lose weight.  You just stop eating for a while.”    ~Physiology Prof

“Up the ying yang.”    ~Vinnie

“Just freakin’ fill your ice tray.”    ~Chris, in reference to plastic ice cubes

“What’s in that girl’s water?  It looks like hot dogs.”    ~Chris

“With my luck, I’ll end up with a kid like you.”    ~Chris

“Pressure in the girl’s face?”    “No.  He said, ‘in the pleural space'”    ~convo between Chris & Deborah