Dearest Buffalo,

I am writing to you because I am leaving you. I am going away being better than when I came. You have shared your grace with me. You have shared your kindness with me. You have shared your love with me. You have shared your life with me. Many times I have been on my knees thanking God for the time He’s allowed me to be with you. And I promise, I will take you with me. I will leave with you in the deepest parts of my heart. I will go with the sadness of leaving you behind, though I know we will dance in the streets of gold one day. One day.

You have given me a comfortable place to stay. You have shown me many smiles and many tears. You have been my home. You have been the setting for God to reveal himself as Provider. He has given you to me as a part of His perfect provision. He knew I needed you.

I am grateful that you loved someone who was only passing through. I am grateful that you so intensely cared for someone from far away. I am deeply grateful for you. I will forever be grateful for you.

My mission is the same as before, to glorify God in my life’s movements. My desire is to learn. To learn how to communicate in a new way. To learn what it is to be a servant in a new land. I pray that I would not become dull to learning each new thing that crosses the path He sets before me. I pray that He uses me to reach lives who need grace. Who need hope. Who need love.

May you know the richness and fullness of a life lived in Grace. May you know the depth of Love that comes with that life. May you know that it is worth dying for. Even more so, may you know that it is worth living for.

I send this farewell knowing that none of it could be without the power of Jesus Christ. He was responsible for my moving here. He is responsible for my leaving here. He is responsible for us being able to dance together one day. One day.

Goodbye, Buffalo. I love you.