¡Hola!  Some readers requested recipes when available and this is the first!  Thank you to all who have written comments or emails–it is so nice to read from you. 

 Ceviche is muy bueno.  You need a sturdy fish.  Cut it into little pieces.  Pour lemon juice over all of it and add salt.  Set aside.  Chop onions, pimentos (not from a jar), chiles (called aji in Chile), and cilantro.  Place the chopped onions in water with salt and sugar.  Mix and rinse well.  Once the fish has turned white in the liquid, serve with chopped pimentos, chiles, and cilantro.

Pisco sour is a mixed beverage.  Two parts pisco.  One part fresh lemon juice.  One spoonful of powder sugar (azucar flor).  Blend.  If you would like to try the Peruvian version, blend one egg white (clara de huevo) with other ingredients.