Hola amigos,

I know yáll are praying for me!  It is obvious.  I pray you keep doing so.  There has been answers to prayer and I wish I could tell you of every experience.  Continue to pray for quick learning.  I´ve learned a lot already, but I am struggling to be patient.  I want to understand what is being said to me.  I have had some small victories, but I long for real conversation.

Story time.  Preface: New Yorkers, the Chileans are showing you up.  I´ve already been whooped at and I didn´t have to explain it! 

This morning I decided to listen to PJ (keep bringin´it from the western New York, it was stinkin´outstanding) and would then venture out to find a church.  On the chilean google site I typed “iglesia cristo providencia.”  Iglesia = church.  Cristo = Jesus Christ.  Providencia = the area I live in Santiago.  I found a church and tried to make out the values based on my sketchy Spanish.  It appreared that I should try it out.  I went.  The entire pastor staff, are none other, but Texans.  Not only that, they are all Aggies.  Not only that, a group of Aggies is arriving today to do some mission work for two weeks.  Wow.  As the service was starting the pastor introduced me (without warning) to the group of about forty and I could tell he said I´m an Aggie and I went to the best university in the world (mejor…universidad…todo el mundo).  I kid you not, after the service, two Chilean people whooped at me, one of which did so with a proper gun in the air motion.  I will go back next Sunday and see if this is where the Lord wants me.  I enjoyed the Aggie blood and got a little taste of home.

Trekking yesterday was intense.  It was a difficult hike, but when we made it to the top, it was worth it.  The group sat in silence as we looked on to the marvelous creation we had been given to enjoy.  I pray you all find some part of creation to dwell on.  I so wish a picture could do scenes justice, but they rarely, if ever do.  I will attach this one for the sake of the idea of what was seen.  Yes, Leah, I did take it.

The view from the top of Cerro de Roble

I will continue to write as time allows and will venture into writing in Spanish when I learn past tense.