I passed my first exam!!  The school tests los estudiantes every two weeks and you move up to the next level if you pass the exam.  I made a 98% which is abnormal for me.  The last time I made a grade remotely close to that was most likely the 96% I got on my quantitative chemistry exam.  Yeah.  That was quite some time ago, three years plus.  This means I really like to study and I am learning a lot.  Today is the first day in a while that the weather has been nice.  I went exploring which is one of my most favorite things to do.  I´ve found my favorite little eatery.  Puedo comer almuerzo a menos que 1000 pesos ($2).  Yo debo decir adios a mi compañero favorita este noche.  Ella es de Aleman y vuelve mañana.  Ella ensaña mi algunas casas que ayudarme.  I´m pretty sure there are some mistakes in that, but I´m still learning!  ¡Hablo a ustedes pronto!