I went to the church I told yáll about last week to see the Aggies.  They were there.  After church we went to a little orphanage of sorts to play with the kids.  There was one little boy who smiled at me and that was all I needed.  I have missed my three year olds at Crosspoint and he seemed to fill that part of my heart.  He had the sweetest little face.  There were more of us than there were niños, so I spent most of my time in fellowship with los Aggies.  Again, I miss fellowship and it seemed to fill that part of my heart.  I spent a lot of time listening to their stories and it was really good.  After lunch we went to this little park with the kids.  As I was standing there I saw four little yellow lab puppies making their way towards us.  There are a lot of stray dogs in and around Santiago, but these puppies were being transported by their owner for the children to play with.  Forget the kids, I want to hold one.  Ha.  The older kids were more interested in the Aggies, so there were plenty of puppies.  The owner and I had a wonderfully promising conversation.  He is a professional translator and works within different media.  He translated for his girlfriend and I to have a conversation.  Her parents are pastors and have a very similar purpose as me.  She discussed the tendencies of the religion in Chile and it was very refreshing to hear a Chilean verbalize what I sense.  It is heavy, but refreshing to hear a native with such a big heart.  It was a lovely conversation.  I didn´t know that I needed this day as much as I did.