There are at least two famous ¨hills¨in Santiago and one of them is Cerro Santa Lucia.  Yesterday evening I was with some people (one American, two Brits, one Frenchman, six Germans, one Australian, two from Sweden, and  twoSwitzerland) discussing the opportunity to go up this hill.  It is very easy to get to by way of the metro and then you simply climb your way to the top.  I took one very uninteresting and unattractive photo of the city once I was at the top, but I will not leave it with you as I don´t want to poorly advertise this place.  Instead, I will leave you a picture of the entrance.  The trees are very unusual, but most trees are in Chile, quite unusual.  Other oddities: they write their nines like lower case G´s, they prefer dulce de leche over chocolate, instant coffee is the norm, they eat the fruit from cactus, it´s easier to buy panty hose on the street than in the mall, and the honking of the horn is more for sport than for the need.  I´m very sure the list will grow, but that shall suffice for now.  It´s been one of the more low days since I´ve been here, but things are on the way up.