Hi y’all,

 I continue to learn a lot, but still feel like this is the biggest subject I have ever studied.  So while I feel like I’m learning a lot, I am lacking in communication comprehension and expression.  There is one thing I am really grateful for.  Cognates.  Anyone who has studied a foreign language can share in my gratitude for cognates.  I most likely would have given up and flown home by now…if it weren’t for cognates. 

I have a new recipe for you.  We have farewell meals on Fridays at school.  We say goodbye to the students who are leaving.  There is a never ending rotation of people at the school.  A lot of students are only here for a week or two and then they go home, travel, or take more classes in another location.  Today we had dream sandwiches.  I made that name up, I don’t know what they are really called, but they were that good.  Imagine a really good hamburger bun, of the sourdoughish variety.  It wasn’t white bread, it was a more chewy bread, of sorts.  Then, you put sliced roast beef, mashed avocados, green beans, salsa (with cilantro), and mayo if you wish.  I had mine without mayo and it was incredibly good.  Avocados (which are one of my fave) are abundant here, so there was a lot on my sandwich.  So good.  I should have eaten two.

Epanadas are the national food of Chile, unofficially.  It is a stuffed pastry.  You can get different fillings across Latin America, but the most common in Chile is called pino.  It has meat (usually cow, but sometimes horse), sauteed onions, a slice of hard boiled egg, and one black olive.  I have yet to eat the black olive, I don’t like olives.  I’ve mostly seen baked empanadas, but I think fried are available as well.  I eat a lot of them because they are quick, easy, abundant, and inexpensive (500 pesos, about $1).

It’s Friday evening and I’m going to study.  There seems to be an infinite amount of things to learn about a language and another infinite amount of things to learn about a culture.  While I’ve been immersed in them both for three weeks, I’ve only scratched the surface.  Aprendé preterito imperfecto y preterito indefinito este semana.  Necesito más practicar antes lo uso con confianza.  Espero escribir a el fin de semana, si posible.