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¡Hola amigos!

I haven’t been doing a very good job of uploading pictures of places and or people.  Lo siento.  Today marks the half way point of my trip and I think now is a good time to share some with you.  I intend to do more travelling around in the second half of my trip than the first half.  I have a flight to San Carlos de Bariloche, Argentina tomorrow.  I’m very excited and have high hopes for the second half of this venture.  This is the closest I’ve been to the South Pole since I was in New Zealand.  This is most likely going to be much colder than that experience.  Okay.  Enough with the chit chat.  Here are the pics.

Valparaiso from Cerro Concepcion.

Street in Pomaire.

Viña del Mar.

The Ocean from Viña del Mar.

Friends.  This is cool because there is only one other American in the photo.  Other countries represented are: Australia, England, Holland, Germany, and South Africa.

As always, I love y’all a lot.


I’m going to be one of those pet owners.  Sorry.  He’s too cute not to be.

This is me in my new harness

I learned how to knit.

What do you think?

Should Emmitt gets his ears clipped?

When I was a little girl (I haven’t always been tall and sassy) I remember when I went to Carl Sandburg Elementary.  My friends and I liked stickers.  I dreamed of having a Lisa Frank sticker box to put all my stickers in.  It was $4.88 at Walmart and I sure couldn’t afford one…I think I had less than a dollar in my pocket.  At recess, we would look at each others stickers, we would trade stickers, and we would organize them by theme.  One day, my mom came to my school with a brand new Lisa Frank sticker box for me to put all of my stickers in.  Shortly after, I was 17.  Dad and I had been looking for a car that would be reliable for college and fun to drive.  I was working at Kroger Pharmacy on the west side of McDermott Street and Dad came through the drive thru in a fancy red car.  That evening, he gave me the keys.

I was at lunch with a friend today and I commented on her cute scarf.  She mentioned that her ‘mum’ had given it to her as a gift.  They had been shopping, she commented that she liked it, and shortly after her mom had given it to her as a gift.  In that moment I was thinking of the times my parents had done the same sorts of things.  Yesterday, while talking to my parents, I mentioned I wanted to get a boxer with cropped ears.

His name is Emmitt and he needs to decide where we are going to live when I get back to the states.  Emmitt and his Aunt Gwen (who is back to herself).

Hi friends.

Things are better now.  I’m a little hesitant to say that because I feel like it could turn at any moment, but I’ll call it as I see it now.  My learning is better, I’ve made some neat new friends, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve at my new church, and I’m laughing again.

My new church is called ‘Jesus es el camino’ or Jesus is the way.  It is a little non-denominational church in La Cisterna.  La Cisterna is about 45 minutes away from where I live in Providencia.  Both are neighborhoods of Santiago, but La Cisterna is more Chilean.  Obviously it is all Chilean, but parts of Santiago are commercialized, globalized, and modern.  La Cisterna is not.  I’ve encountered brothers and sisters who face things that we don’t usually see in the United States.  As I’ve been learning this truth, he has worn me down, but made me stronger too.  It’s far too complicated to explain it with more words than that.

You can’t find peanut butter in the grocery stores in Chile.  No Jif.  No Peter Pan.  No Reese’s.  No nada.  As I was talking with friends from my new church, they started talking about peanut butter, and I exclaimed that I could not find any.  The missionaries (from the Chicago area) graciously offered me my choice of crunchy or creamy (of which creamy is the way to go) from their stash and I went home with a nice sized jar of peanut butter.  When I got to my house, my ten roommates were very curious as to where I found peanut butter.   It was fun to tell them where I got it.

I think it’s normal that they translate American movies to watch on T.V. here.  I think it’s a little strange that it’s more common to see Walker Texas Ranger here than in Texas.

Chile plays Argentina tonight.

Te amo mucho.

I recieved this email from one of my new friends at my church.  I thought I’d share it with you. 



God has given me many things to be thankful for.  These are a few that I’ve been thinking about lately.

-Meemoe and Peepoe get to travel and have fun together in Rhode Island this weekend.

-Claudia says the smartest of things and not only do I get to hear them, I get to call her my friend.

-I met with a group of Chileans to worship God in Spanish, study the Bible in Spanish (I listened while they studied), all while being in a native’s home.

-My favorite roommate (and I’ve never said who it is) called me his favorite roommate yesterday.  It was cute.

-I got to laugh with Rachel on the phone yesterday.  There’s only so many people you laugh well with and she is one of mine.

-The electricity is back on only because I walked next door and conversed with my neighbor (in Spanish) to get the number of the electric company.

That’s all I will write for now.  I love y’all mucho.

Viví a través de el temblor primero hoy.  Es muy interesante cuando el suelo se move.  Fui en el tercero piso de la escuela y la profesora dije <<tranquilos>>.  No hube problema.

Compraré una estufa prequeña esta tarde.  Mis abuelos insisten que no necesito tener frio.  Después esta mañana, se acuerdan.

Ustedes pueden decir algunos cuentos divertidos o interesantes, si deseas.  Me gusta las emails enviaste.

I talked to my mom this morning and my duppy wuppy pog isn’t dead.  She is alive now.  Weird, I know.  The vet told them that she would pass away by Sunday (when I talked to my parents) and he called yesterday and said she’s coming back to life.  She had a temperature of 103 and now it’s 98.  She’s still in the hospital though. 

Also, I’ve met some really great people from the church I go to.  Praise God for finding a place to be amogst believers and a place to serve!!  I’m feeling blessed at this moment.