I won’t write in Spanish now.  Not because I don’t want to, actually it’d be nice since I learned reflexive today, but because a few of you requested that I not write in a foreign language.  Hmmm is what I have to say to that.  So.  I will alternate.  I just have a quick little story for you.  Well two stories, one of which will only make sense to Oomphers.

1. One of my roommates is German.  He pointed to a camera and said “is that the camera of David (another roommate)?  And I said “you’re the camera of David” and laughed for a really long time.  He didn’t get it.

2. I went to a market downtown today.  It is very close to Mercado Central which is a big building with all kinds of fish, oysters, clams, etc etc etc.  You can buy it raw or there are a plethera of restaurants inside the big building.  It’s interesting.  Anyway, there is a market across the steet and I was looking for walnuts (which, when literally translated, are called butterfly nuts–because they do actually look a bit like butterflies–I live with a couple of people from England that is the reason I just said ‘a bit’–when I start saying ‘I can’t be bothered’ or ‘the que is too long’ I’ll know it’s time for me to go home).  As I was walking through this market a man stopped me and asked me where I was from.  I really like to avoid the fact that I’m from the United States, but he really just wanted to tell me he was learning English.  He told me that he recently decided to study English, he was sixty years old, and I don’t know where or how he learned this, but he said he was an “ugly duckling.”  I would disagree.  He was charming.  We exchanged a few words in each others’ native language, he welcomed me to Chile, and he went on his way.  

Chile is playing Mexico tonight…actually in five minutes.  I must go.  Debo dejar.