God has given me many things to be thankful for.  These are a few that I’ve been thinking about lately.

-Meemoe and Peepoe get to travel and have fun together in Rhode Island this weekend.

-Claudia says the smartest of things and not only do I get to hear them, I get to call her my friend.

-I met with a group of Chileans to worship God in Spanish, study the Bible in Spanish (I listened while they studied), all while being in a native’s home.

-My favorite roommate (and I’ve never said who it is) called me his favorite roommate yesterday.  It was cute.

-I got to laugh with Rachel on the phone yesterday.  There’s only so many people you laugh well with and she is one of mine.

-The electricity is back on only because I walked next door and conversed with my neighbor (in Spanish) to get the number of the electric company.

That’s all I will write for now.  I love y’all mucho.