Hi friends.

Things are better now.  I’m a little hesitant to say that because I feel like it could turn at any moment, but I’ll call it as I see it now.  My learning is better, I’ve made some neat new friends, I’ve been blessed with the opportunity to serve at my new church, and I’m laughing again.

My new church is called ‘Jesus es el camino’ or Jesus is the way.  It is a little non-denominational church in La Cisterna.  La Cisterna is about 45 minutes away from where I live in Providencia.  Both are neighborhoods of Santiago, but La Cisterna is more Chilean.  Obviously it is all Chilean, but parts of Santiago are commercialized, globalized, and modern.  La Cisterna is not.  I’ve encountered brothers and sisters who face things that we don’t usually see in the United States.  As I’ve been learning this truth, he has worn me down, but made me stronger too.  It’s far too complicated to explain it with more words than that.

You can’t find peanut butter in the grocery stores in Chile.  No Jif.  No Peter Pan.  No Reese’s.  No nada.  As I was talking with friends from my new church, they started talking about peanut butter, and I exclaimed that I could not find any.  The missionaries (from the Chicago area) graciously offered me my choice of crunchy or creamy (of which creamy is the way to go) from their stash and I went home with a nice sized jar of peanut butter.  When I got to my house, my ten roommates were very curious as to where I found peanut butter.   It was fun to tell them where I got it.

I think it’s normal that they translate American movies to watch on T.V. here.  I think it’s a little strange that it’s more common to see Walker Texas Ranger here than in Texas.

Chile plays Argentina tonight.

Te amo mucho.