When I was a little girl (I haven’t always been tall and sassy) I remember when I went to Carl Sandburg Elementary.  My friends and I liked stickers.  I dreamed of having a Lisa Frank sticker box to put all my stickers in.  It was $4.88 at Walmart and I sure couldn’t afford one…I think I had less than a dollar in my pocket.  At recess, we would look at each others stickers, we would trade stickers, and we would organize them by theme.  One day, my mom came to my school with a brand new Lisa Frank sticker box for me to put all of my stickers in.  Shortly after, I was 17.  Dad and I had been looking for a car that would be reliable for college and fun to drive.  I was working at Kroger Pharmacy on the west side of McDermott Street and Dad came through the drive thru in a fancy red car.  That evening, he gave me the keys.

I was at lunch with a friend today and I commented on her cute scarf.  She mentioned that her ‘mum’ had given it to her as a gift.  They had been shopping, she commented that she liked it, and shortly after her mom had given it to her as a gift.  In that moment I was thinking of the times my parents had done the same sorts of things.  Yesterday, while talking to my parents, I mentioned I wanted to get a boxer with cropped ears.

His name is Emmitt and he needs to decide where we are going to live when I get back to the states.  Emmitt and his Aunt Gwen (who is back to herself).