Remember the Texan I told y’all about not too long ago?  Yeah.  Now, his sister is in my class (she is not the one who says like all the time).  Today we got into a lovely conversation about gun control.  Her and I both learned how to shoot when we were young and find it completely normal that we had guns in our respective homes when we were growing up.  The girl from Holland found this unfriendly and imposing.  The guy from China thought it was funny.  The yankee was bothered.  It was a civil conversation.

During our break, these two Texans and I had a marvelous conversation about freedoms that we have in the United States and how, as Texans (particularly the freedom to bear arms), we take them very seriously.  We decided that we liked the Chilean flag because it reminded us of our own.  We think guns are good for self defense, for sport, for practice, for hunting, and for exercising our civil liberty.  We think it ludacrous that someone would even suggest that guns kill people, because we know you don’t need a gun for this–which by the way was pointed out by the girl from Holland.  She didn’t like guns because they were dangerous.  As for self defense, she is going to kill an attacker with a table, much like the one we were sitting at.  I was asked about A&M and for the first time in a while I got to speak of my university like I used to.  He ended the conversation with ‘I love Texas’ and we all walked away proud and in agreement.

I’m going to go listen to Cowboy Bill by Garth and you ought to do likewise.