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I was greeted at the Buffalo airport by four familiar and friendly faces. It was so good to see them all at once. The red-eye from Fresno was exhausting, but once I rested up, I was back in Buffalo.

We had a Monday Night Football party all set up for the first matchup (since I’ve been part New Yorker) between our respective teams (the Dallas Cowboys and the Buffalo Bills) at the Page’s. When I lived in Buffalo I watched football on their TV each Sunday. They won’t admit it, but they’re Cowboy fans when Buffalo isn’t in the game. 😉 I had been in the states for two Sundays before, but I purposely didn’t watch any football. I was gearing up for MNF. Hank Williams started singing, I got on my belly on the floor, I was mildly heckled by a roomful of Bills fans, and it was game time. Tony Romo forgot whose team he was on, Trent Edwards was making first downs (something Buffalo isn’t used to), and it wasn’t looking good. I gave up with 20 seconds left, decided I was going home with my tail between my legs, and had come to terms with the upset. With 2 seconds left, the Cowboys pulled out a victory with one of those fateful on-side kicks. I was glad for a win, but felt a little bad for Buffalo. Their team was embarrassed, they waiting 13 some odd years for a Monday Night Football game, and, this season, they don’t have hockey to fall back to.

Buffalo was exactly as I left it. They people were as warm and wonderful as I remember. I did my most favorite Buffalo things, the exact same way I used to. I imagine it will change only a little in my lifetime and I’m quite glad I know what to expect when I roll into town. Buffalo, I love you too much to stay away too long. Just plan on this Texan to visit in the summer…

I left Buffalo via Greyhound. I said in another entry that I would be at five different airports. In actuality, it was four airports and one bus station. I left Buffalo, NY at 6:30 p.m. and made it to Bowling Green, KY at 8:00 a.m. the next morning. My parents brought Emmitt in his #22 jersey all set to meet his ‘mama’ for the first time. He is a delight. He gets into everything and you can’t trust him with anything. He needs discipline and exercise. He eats like a big boy. He’s a kisser. His voice is changing, so he barks like an adolescent. He’s the most perfect little dog ever.

In other news, while in Buffalo I started applying for jobs. I’m soaking in every last minute of this no-job lifestyle, but I’m ready for a pay check. I have had one interview, have three interviews scheduled, and will update you on any final decisions.

I hope y’all are livin’ good.

Fresno was fun.  I spent time with my sister, Amy, and my bro-in-law, Erik.  I saw their new house and petted their dogs, Libby and Buster.  They warmed up to me for the first time.  We cuddled on the bed.  Additionally, they know how to eat.  I haven’t eaten that well…ever.  Yes, the restaurants were good, but also, my brother-in-law can cook.  I knew this already, but it was reaffirmed.

I went on my first professional interview, wearing a brand new Calvin Klein suit, and I scared myself. 


  • Turn on the radio.  Pause it.  Pause it.  Turn the music back on.
  • I thought the elephant was funnier.
  • Can you imagine Tony Romo in HD?

In continuing my globetrotting ways, I found myself in Oklahoma last weekend.  I spent time in Ponca City, Oklahoma city, and Stillwater.  I am still sure Ponca should be spelled Ponka, but I was informed I should take that up with an indian tribe.  I was also informed that their pow-wows are open to the public and this was a real possibility. 

I got a tour of the Conoco-Phillips facilities, had lunch at Eskimo Joe’s, dinner at the Rusty Barrell, talked smak with a rabid OU fan, met some quality people, and spoke with my Texas accent like old times.  Nobody makes fun of you when you say fixin’ to do somethin’.  If I had a nickel for everytime I thought ‘if Leah Bolender would have heard me say that…’

Ordinarily, it’d be very difficult for me to say ‘I enjoyed Oklahoma,’ but I had a very good time and it’s not so difficult to say.