In continuing my globetrotting ways, I found myself in Oklahoma last weekend.  I spent time in Ponca City, Oklahoma city, and Stillwater.  I am still sure Ponca should be spelled Ponka, but I was informed I should take that up with an indian tribe.  I was also informed that their pow-wows are open to the public and this was a real possibility. 

I got a tour of the Conoco-Phillips facilities, had lunch at Eskimo Joe’s, dinner at the Rusty Barrell, talked smak with a rabid OU fan, met some quality people, and spoke with my Texas accent like old times.  Nobody makes fun of you when you say fixin’ to do somethin’.  If I had a nickel for everytime I thought ‘if Leah Bolender would have heard me say that…’

Ordinarily, it’d be very difficult for me to say ‘I enjoyed Oklahoma,’ but I had a very good time and it’s not so difficult to say.