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Hey folks.  Since I’ve last wrote, Emmitt and I have been running around this country without reservation.  We spent some time in Kentucky with my parents.  We went to Bowling Green a couple of times, to a car show, and hiked around Barren River Lake (which is a lake, not a river–don’t ask me, find a Kentuckyian to ask).  We were accompanied by my Mom and Aunt Gwen to Texas for about a week to visit family.  Other than that, we spent our time in Glasgow, with some very lovely days.  Mom and Dad take care of me very well.  Parents are supposed to do that, but mine do it exceptionally well.

Emmitt and I have since made our way to Oklahoma, perusing the job scene, without any success.  We had an interview scheduled in Texas, but it was changed to Oklahoma City (for a job in Houston), and we’re awaiting that interview until we can go to our favorite state.  The “lack of job” situation doesn’t bother Emmitt quite as much as it’s bothering me now.  It didn’t phase me earlier, but the days keep passing by, I’m bored, and I need a paycheck.  My mom thinks I’m paying penance for all the times I said “jobs are for suckers.”

I have two interviews scheduled for this week and I’m praying for them.  I’ve found I’m not a good interviewee and that is not helping my homeless/unemployed situation.

 Talk to you soon.  Hopefully with a useful update.