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Remember when I said I’ve been enlisted to help on certain home-repair projects?  I took it upon myself the other day to use a drill to take of the kitchen cabinets.  That was fun.  I still paint (ceilings, too), sweep, sand, stain, and seal.  I am all ready to paint the ceiling right now, but I can’t get the big paint bucket open.  It is a five-gallon bucket and it’s glued shut.  So I’m waiting on that project.   Have a look at the kitchen.  Another view.

I did do something I wasn’t supposed to.  Usually, when I use a paint brush, I use one that I throw away when I’m done.  Jay asked me to “cut in” on the ceiling and he provided a brush and paint, then went off to work.  When I was done, I thought, “he didn’t tell me to wash this paint brush, that must mean I throw it away.”  So I did.  Apparently I was supposed to know and recognize that it was a higher quality brush that you’re supposed to keep.  It was a $5 loss that was replaced this morning. 

If there is a prefabricated anything, like a vent cover or cabinet or anything, that Jay doesn’t like, he constructs one out of wood.  It’s impressive.  After he constructs, I stain, seal, and sand.  The three S’s, as I just realized.  He’s handy.  He brought me Starbucks coffee this morning because he was out and about and thought I’d like some.  He’s sweet.  I’ve given up caffeine, so he got me some decaf.  Decaf is new territory for me, but it tastes just the same, so I’m okay with it. 

Emmitt discovered snow today.


We went to the Aggies vs. OSU basketball game last Saturday.  Let me just say, it has been a long time since I’ve been able to support my team in person.  I haven’t been back to Aggieland since May 2005 (though we have plans to rectify that soon) and it was a pleasure to wear maroon in the sea of bright orange.  Basketball is perhaps the worse sport ever.  It’s possible another exists that has more illusive fouls and poor calling of said fouls, but I haven’t witnessed it.  The Ags won, so it was okay in the end, but it is still annoying.  I need to attend a football game.  That’ll get my maroon blood going.

P.S. He’s in trouble today.

54 pounds at 8 months.

Emmitt’s newest hobby is chasing geese.  I’ve taken him to Lake Ponca a couple of times.  He gets to run around without his leash and he finds all sorts of things.  For every quarter mile I walk, he runs a mile.  He goes the same direction I go and if I turn around, he follows suit.  He keeps an eye on me and if I call him, he usually comes my direction.  The geese like to loiter on the shore around the lake.  Emmitt doesn’t particularly care for their habits, so he runs ’em off.  He’s pretty good at it.

Jay just finished taking up the tile in the kitchen.  We’re operating with paper plates because the dishwasher is now dismantled.  I used a crowbar to get a little piece of tile off the floor and I swept up some of the debris.  That was my part of the ordeal.

Emmitt and Jay are friends.

The best Boxer puppy in the world.

It’s been too long, I agree.  Lots has happened for me to report on.

Let’s start with the most exciting thing.  I am engaged.  A few weeks ago, a long time friend got down on his knee and asked me to marry him.  I of course said yes.  I met Jay when I was a freshman at Texas A&M.  He was in his second year of graduate school.  We were casual friends at first, but over the years we became really close friends.  I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with him, but it’s funny how things happen.  He is kind, smart, thoughtful, tall, patient, loving, and perfect.  He is an Aggie (whoop), he finished his PhD in Analytical Chemistry in 2006.  He works for ConocoPhillips as an associate scientist in the R&D department.  He has a good family, whom I’ve gotten to know a little better over the past few weeks.  He chose the most perfect of rings and we are working on all the wedding logistics.  More importantly, we are both looking forward to being married. 

Our wedding will be on the southern shore of Kaua’i, Hawaii on 06-07-08.  We are having a luau to celebrate with everyone at Lake Kiowa in northern Texas on 06-14-08.  We are hoping to have a casual, fun celebration. 

 In light of all that, the other news isn’t as exciting.  I thought I wanted to work as a clinical dietitian in a hospital.  I was wrong.  I’m looking for a position in a long term care facility and hoping I find my niche without any hang ups.  I’m learning lots of things about home repair.  Jay is remodelling his home and I’ve been enlisted to help on things that don’t require power tools.  I can paint, stain, and sand.  Oh, I used a power sander, so I guess I’m allowed to use certain power tools.  This certainly isn’t “my thing,” but I’m learning well.  The next step is the kitchen.  I personally want to take the cabinets out with a sledge hammer (I think it’d be good therapy), but Jay wants them to be intact for another use.  I should add practical to his list of characteristics.

Emmitt is growing up strong.  When we’re out walking, most people say, “that’s a pretty dog.”  One person told me he looked healthy.  He likes to eat and play.  He still plays with his great dane friends next door.  At this very moment he is pouting.  He just got in trouble for chewing on the base board in the living room.  We’ll go for a walk this afternoon and he’ll forget about pouting and remember not to chew on the base board.

 I hope to write about a job that’s good for me soon.  I’ve missed writing to you. 

Deborah, a.k.a. the future Mrs. Jay Locklear