Emmitt’s newest hobby is chasing geese.  I’ve taken him to Lake Ponca a couple of times.  He gets to run around without his leash and he finds all sorts of things.  For every quarter mile I walk, he runs a mile.  He goes the same direction I go and if I turn around, he follows suit.  He keeps an eye on me and if I call him, he usually comes my direction.  The geese like to loiter on the shore around the lake.  Emmitt doesn’t particularly care for their habits, so he runs ’em off.  He’s pretty good at it.

Jay just finished taking up the tile in the kitchen.  We’re operating with paper plates because the dishwasher is now dismantled.  I used a crowbar to get a little piece of tile off the floor and I swept up some of the debris.  That was my part of the ordeal.

Emmitt and Jay are friends.

The best Boxer puppy in the world.