Remember when I said I’ve been enlisted to help on certain home-repair projects?  I took it upon myself the other day to use a drill to take of the kitchen cabinets.  That was fun.  I still paint (ceilings, too), sweep, sand, stain, and seal.  I am all ready to paint the ceiling right now, but I can’t get the big paint bucket open.  It is a five-gallon bucket and it’s glued shut.  So I’m waiting on that project.   Have a look at the kitchen.  Another view.

I did do something I wasn’t supposed to.  Usually, when I use a paint brush, I use one that I throw away when I’m done.  Jay asked me to “cut in” on the ceiling and he provided a brush and paint, then went off to work.  When I was done, I thought, “he didn’t tell me to wash this paint brush, that must mean I throw it away.”  So I did.  Apparently I was supposed to know and recognize that it was a higher quality brush that you’re supposed to keep.  It was a $5 loss that was replaced this morning. 

If there is a prefabricated anything, like a vent cover or cabinet or anything, that Jay doesn’t like, he constructs one out of wood.  It’s impressive.  After he constructs, I stain, seal, and sand.  The three S’s, as I just realized.  He’s handy.  He brought me Starbucks coffee this morning because he was out and about and thought I’d like some.  He’s sweet.  I’ve given up caffeine, so he got me some decaf.  Decaf is new territory for me, but it tastes just the same, so I’m okay with it. 

Emmitt discovered snow today.