Yup.  That’s right.  I turned down the last offer to be a dietitian so I could substitute teach.  Well, not exactly.  I had been talking to this great company about starting work for them as a dietitian.  It was a position in Oklahoma City that was supposed to be open in March.  In the mean time, they wanted me to fill in in Topeka for  a couple of weeks.  Well, a couple of weeks turned into three months and after deliberating with Jay…we decided that it wasn’t going to work out.  I’d be in Topeka (three and half hours north of Ponca City) during the week and only be here on the weekends.  Emmitt and Jay were not fans.  I’d still like to be a dietitian, I’m just learning patience in waiting for that job to arrive in Ponca.  Therefore, I went to a meeting yesterday to find out about substitute teaching and was called on this morning to sub for a third grade class.  Sure.  Why not?  If I can handle undergraduate college kids in a classroom, I can handle third graders.  These were easier to deal with.  As I was preparing to take attendance, I noticed one of the kids in my class was one whom I had babysat not long ago and whose family we attend church with.  The familiar face on my first sub day was nice.  I saw said pupil’s sister in the hallway at least three times.  The kids were better to interact with than the other teachers.  All in all, it was nice to feel like an adult, to do a job, to be productive, and to read about the woman whose hair soaked up a river.