Update #1:  I got a job.  It’s with a small company that contracts nutrition services to a variety of outlets.  Hospitals, nursing homes, and the like.  Also, schools, head start programs, companies, and anything that I can imagine.  There’s freedom to set up a contract if the dietitian finds an interest.  I will do a bit of travelling, especially at first.  I’ll have to drive to Tulsa on occassion and once a month (or so) I’ll be travelling to Garden City, Kansas.  So far, out of all the job interviews/offers, this one is the best.  I won’t be doing the same thing everyday, some days will be broken up by travel, and they’re very flexible if something comes up.  I don’t have to work holidays or weekends like some dietitian jobs require.  An added blessing?  They provide a car.  It should help with my expenses immensely…as most of you know, my little red Camaro is getting old.  She’s got about 125,000 miles on her, her ‘low oil’ light and ‘service engine soon’ light are on indefinitely, and I reattach her ground effects regularly.  She’s been a good car, she’s been around for a lot, and I just don’t know what is going to happen to her.  I should start as soon as I get licensed in Oklahoma.  This is no simple task and it has been added to the list of reasons I hate Oklahoma.  I know it’s harsh.  I know I shouldn’t have such a list since my man is from here.  But.  As a dear Texan pointed out, Jay really is from Texas, some yankee just drew the line wrong when they changed the state line.

Update #2: Watch to lunar eclipse tonight.  It starts at 10:01 pm ET.   The sleet/snow falling in Oklahoma tonight may prohibit me from watching it.

Update #3: My dog has doggie OCD.  I looked it up.  It’s a real thing.  Let me know if you have any thoughts.  We plan to find a little girl fawn pup, but until then, Emmitt is on his own.

 Update #4: I will never.  Never.  Never.  Sub for 9th grade again.  It’s just not going to happen. 

Update #5: The condo for Hawaii has been booked.  It’s so exciting.