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When I interviewed for this job they told me they would eventually provide a car since we do so much traveling.  She told me that the nicer cars go to the employees who have been with the company the longest, gracefully implying that I would get the worst car.  That was fine with me, thinking the worst car was a late model Honda of sorts.  As I was training, I met some of the dietitians working for this company and they had their company cars.  The first one was a Ford Focus.  Great.  A Focus would be a big blow to my ego.  I’ve driven one as a rent car and I guess it was an okay drive, but still.  Camaro to Ford Focus?  Eh.  The next car was a little box.  I’m not sure of the model, but it was yellow.  Not your ordinary yellow, neon yellow.  Great.  A fiery red Camaro to a neon yellow car?  Eh.  My guess was that I was going to end up with a burnt orange Geo.  Yesterday, Jay and I drove to Tulsa to pick up what would be my company car.  It’s a Hundai Sonata.  Not only is it a smooth ride, it isn’t a difficult transition from my beloved, tenured, well-equiped, long-lasting 1996 RS Camaro.  She’s got more than 125,000 miles on her.  She’s survived my last year of high school.  Numerous trips to College Station from Dallas and vice versa.  Two Buffalo winters (with an automatic starter installed).  A drive to New York and back to Texas.  The only time she was in the body shop was when a drunk kid hit her one night while I was upstairs sleeping in my apartment.  We’re about to close our eighth year together and I just don’t know what to do with her now.

The babies are doing well.  They regularly play and take naps together.


Maybe you will find this as exciting as I did when I checked the mail yesterday.


Emmitt got a new sister.

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 I finished my first week of training last week.  It was pretty good.  I might start telling more people I have a job.  I’m a consulting dietitian and I have been to a variety of nursing homes doing nutrition assessments.   I will be making my first venture back into a hospital next week.  I pray it goes well.  Things are starting to come together like I hoped they would.  The house is looking very nice.  Jay and I spent an hour and a half at Lowes today.  We got some paint for the living room (which I think will go great with the kitchen scheme), some lumber of sorts, some lightswitch plates, a big storage container, and a pair of gloves.  I think he had some other stuff in there, but I didn’t take note.  He found his flooring at a discount at some other store. 

Lots of people have asked how wedding planning is going.  It was done a long time ago.  Getting married in Hawaii is the most stress-free way to plan a wedding.  Step One: choose your wedding coordinator.  Step Two: Tell them what you have in mind.  Step Three: purchase plane tickets and book a place to stay.  Steps one through three are complete.  I’m working on some invitations for our reception…which may get delayed since Ellie is so playful. 

Jay and I had talked about getting Emmitt a playmate because he doesn’t like being alone.  He had Gwen when he lived with Mom and Dad and I think he liked the dog company.  Jay prefers girl dogs.  We went to the donut shop this morning (they usually have donuts shaped like turtles that are SO good, but he was out this morning) and looked through the classifieds of the Daily Oklahoman (that was difficult to admit).  Anyway, Jay made a couple of phone calls and we were set to meet a puppy in Oklahoma City.  As we got out of the car, Jay introduced himself to the man, and the man said “what’s your last name?”  Jay told him his last name and the man said “you’re from Hollis.”  It was weird.  Jay went to school with his daughters.  I guess it’s a small Oklahoma.  We made our exchange and took Ellie and Emmitt to Petsmart.  That was a zoo.  Lots of other dogs, my dog was trying to get enough traction to smell down every other dog, and every other person wanted to talk to Ellie.  We bought the puppy essentials and went on our merry way.