When I interviewed for this job they told me they would eventually provide a car since we do so much traveling.  She told me that the nicer cars go to the employees who have been with the company the longest, gracefully implying that I would get the worst car.  That was fine with me, thinking the worst car was a late model Honda of sorts.  As I was training, I met some of the dietitians working for this company and they had their company cars.  The first one was a Ford Focus.  Great.  A Focus would be a big blow to my ego.  I’ve driven one as a rent car and I guess it was an okay drive, but still.  Camaro to Ford Focus?  Eh.  The next car was a little box.  I’m not sure of the model, but it was yellow.  Not your ordinary yellow, neon yellow.  Great.  A fiery red Camaro to a neon yellow car?  Eh.  My guess was that I was going to end up with a burnt orange Geo.  Yesterday, Jay and I drove to Tulsa to pick up what would be my company car.  It’s a Hundai Sonata.  Not only is it a smooth ride, it isn’t a difficult transition from my beloved, tenured, well-equiped, long-lasting 1996 RS Camaro.  She’s got more than 125,000 miles on her.  She’s survived my last year of high school.  Numerous trips to College Station from Dallas and vice versa.  Two Buffalo winters (with an automatic starter installed).  A drive to New York and back to Texas.  The only time she was in the body shop was when a drunk kid hit her one night while I was upstairs sleeping in my apartment.  We’re about to close our eighth year together and I just don’t know what to do with her now.

The babies are doing well.  They regularly play and take naps together.