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Jay is a self-admitted nerd.  It’s a right to him, an entitlement, a category in which he does not shy.  Why?  Because he earned it.  He worked six hard years in graduate school to become an official nerd.  Unofficial nerds are in high school, still not sure what they’re going to do with their lives–although Jay was likely unofficial back in the day.  At any rate, he’s glad to have a PhD in Analytical Chemistry, spend his days in three different labs (that he has to himself) to analyze oil samples, and go into exhaustive explanations about how a candle burns or how things are chlorinated, etc.

I was getting my hair cut yesterday, making small talk with the wonderful new stylist I found in Garden City, Kansas.  I had explained to her that I wanted to chop all my hair off, but I was getting married and I needed some of my long locks for an appealling up-do for the big day.  She understood.  She politely asked, “What does your fiance do?”

I replied, “he’s a chemist.”  She stood there a moment, processed the information I just gave her, and then I decided I needed to elaborate.  “He’s a nerd.”  She immediately received this information, without the former needed processing, and said, “Yeah…but it’s like my mom says, nerds make the best husbands.”  She explained that her dad was a nerd and he was a good husband.  I gave it a little thought and realized there could be scientific evidence for this statement.  Jay works with a dozen or so nerds.  They’re very happily married.  Jay had pointed out that it wasn’t the norm to have so many co-workers who were as happily married as the ones he knew.  I imagine if I took a small sample of chemists/nerds, we’d find that they do make good husbands.  In seven weeks, I’ll have my small sample and report to you the findings.



They were working the camera yesterday.  I’ve posted some more pictures on Facebook–have a look!