I went scrapbooking today.  I accomplished many pages and it was, in all, a productive day.  However.  There were no scrapbooking buddies.   There were other people there, as I went to a store in a town close to Ponca, but they weren’t my mom or Leah.  They didn’t make me laugh, they didn’t bother me, they were just there.  This is all to say that some hobbies are better with buddies.  And I didn’t have mine today.

I made it home, joyful to have completed as much as I did.  My husband had three fresh roses for me.  Why?  His response was, “just cause.”  It’s the Lord’s secret as to why he gave me such a sweet man.

And to wrap up this short post, I have a poll question for our married readers.  How long does it take to realize your married?  Jay and I have both discussed that we don’t always remember we’re married.  Can any of you shine some light on this?

P.S. A special hello to my Aunt Linda, whom I didn’t know read the chronicle.  It was nice to hear from you and you were missed a few weeks ago.  Much love from your niece.