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Okay, so I’ve been trying to organize this house, work, stamp, wash the dogs, etc.  It’s not all coming together, but I did make this simple ‘hi’ card.

I’ve been wanting to try this “quilting” technique and I found these little scraps on my work space.  They were perfect to cut into inchies, then I put them together.  I used one of my favorite alphabet sets also.  There may be more to follow…depends on how much I can get done.


I just returned from a short stint in Texas.  I love Texas.  I love driving across the state line and seeing the big sign that says, “Welcome to Texas.”  It’s a joy.  Anyway, I got to see: my great grandma, who’s feeling better, my grandma, my uncle, my grandpa, my other grandma, my BF from high school and her mom, my mom, and some friends in east Texas.  It was awesome.  

I’m just dropping in to say hi, that I’ve returned from Oklahoma, and I can’t wait to get back to stampin’ with my new shelf.

BTW, tomorrow I’ll be the newest SU Demonstrator.  I’ll be sending off my information and I’m excited.


My Verve challenge ATCs ended up working for one of the sketches I followed (from here).  

From ATC to card in one day!  Thanks for the challenge, y’all!

I’m #4 in the group!  I look forward to seeing your creations and getting to know y’all!

Now to add you to my blogroll…

This is the first creation I’ve made since the shelf was put up (today!) and the first challenge I’ve participated in.  It’s a sketch from Taylored Expressions.  I’m liking these challenges.

I used some fun glitteries on the chip board circle at the bottom AND on the bodies of the butterflies!  I tied some DMC so my button wouldn’t be naked and the butterflies are pop-dotted.  

I need to go sign up for a fun swap now.  Byeeee.

My shelf is finished.  I wrote last Sunday about Jay creating this shelf for me.  It was discussed, drawn, and built that day.  I stained, sealed (x2), and sanded it throughout the week.  I was working all week, but each day after work I tried to do something with it.  Last night, there were a couple of odds and ends to put together for it and today…today it was put on the wall.  The thing is heavy.  Jay used strong screws to put it on the wall.  After it was up, he hung on it.  Yeah, it’ll hold my stamps.  I just put the SU stamps and the other stamps, ink pads, and a few tools up there.  Isn’t it awesome?  I’m so excited.  


I’ve found a problem.  I started reading stamping blogs.  Inspiring, fun, jazzy, entertaining stamping blogs.  I know what some you are thinking, she’s gone crazy.  She’s got a million things to do besides stamp.  Right.  But the intriguing thing is that most of these sites are operated by moms.  With two or three kids.  If they can do it, I can do it.  I noticed that a lot of them like to stamp at night and I started thinking about starting to stamp a little at a time.  I figured out the problem.  My stamps, inks, etc. are all boxed up.  It’s a hassle getting them out, choosing which one would work well, going to the papers to find coordinating colors, and then finally sitting down to put it together.   Trust me, by the time I got to the sitting down, it’d be time to do something else.  So, I’m working, or rather my husband is working, on solving the problem.  I showed him some pictures of example stamping rooms.  Of course, I found said examples at the blogs I’ve been checking daily to see their new creations.  Some of them are now listed on the newly added blogroll to the left.  I showed him my SU! sets and my quandary.  They’re buried in a container without easy access.  He asked for a sampling of each size container as to build a shelf to fit the five different sizes, plus a space for the ink pads.  There is no deadline for this project, and he said he’d do as long as I’d stain it, so it may be a while before I can post a picture of the solution.  

So.  One of these days I’ll quit “ga-gaing” over the beautiful creations I’ve found online and start stamping.  I will however continue to keep up with these interesting ladies and their creations.  Now to ice the orange dessert bars for my husband…if I don’t do it now, he’ll eat them without the icing.