Hi friends.  I’ve been gone for a while because I’ve been traveling.  I went up to Buffalo (where I used to live) to celebrate Leah’s 30th birthday.  I also completed my first workshop, which went well.  We had a good time, I survived the flight, and now I’m back in Oklahoma.  I’ve been stamping some, but I’ve also been organizing.  I still have a long organizational road ahead of me, but I’m getting there.  I made this card using a color I don’t use very often, yellow.  I used a embossing folder for the first time and think it’s a lovely invention.  I will probably be setting the cuttlebug up in a permanent usable position soon.  I’m also waiting for a filing cabinet to organize all the SU CS by color.  My mom showed me a cool auction where someone sells tabs to file folders to organize the colors.  Also, while I was in Buffalo, I went to Buffalo Stamps, a lovely paper-crafting/stamping store.  It’s always been one of my favorites, but they moved locations and their new store is lovely.  I got some twinkling H20s (which I’ve been wanting to try), some pearls, some of those little dots that have glimmers in them, and stickles.  I’ve tried each of my new toys and they’re all fun.  I’ll be showing them to you soon.  If you like to watercolor, the twinkling H2Os are too much fun.  So fun.  Also, I had been looking for OMS for quite some time and I finally gave up.  I opted for another type of paint thinner and really enjoy the look when it’s mixed with prismacolors.  So fun. 

To wrap this post up, the yellow card: